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Property Condition/Entry Report

When you recieve your keys to your new rental property, we will provide you with 2 copies of an ingoing/entry report.

Please ensure that you return your signed/amended copy of your property condition report to us within 14 days of the tenancy start date to help avoid disputes. If this is not returned please be aware that the original inspection will be used for end of tenancy comparison, regardless of whether you agree to the original report or not. If you return the forms after the 14 days period we recommend, it is more likely any damage or change of conditions you have disputed will be seen by our staff as caused by you. In the event there is a dispute in the first 14 days its our policy to review our documentation (including photos) and if required attend the property to re-inspect and settle the difference of opinion as soon as possible - WE DO NOT WANT TO DEBATE THE ENTRY CONDITION AT THE END OF LEASE, THIS IS IN ALL PARTIES BEST INTEREST

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