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Rent Payment Details

If you have been selected as one of our tenants, congratulations. We are confident that you will look after your rental property and pay rent on time consistently.

Our approach to working with owners and tenants is transparent, where you understand through your respective portals both parties can see where you are paid up to on rent and water invoices are also up to date.

Communication is key in the unlikely event that you will be late in making your rental payment. We recommend preparing a budget that allows for these interruptions to your weekly or fortnightly as to not affect your payment history.

This will form part of our lease renewal review we conduct with the landlord and WE DO NOT TOLERATE RENT ARREARS

Bank Details

Bank: ANZ

Branch (BSB) 015 203

Account No: 3986 9143 7

Account Name: Real People Real Estate

YOUR REFERENCE: Your Tenancy I.D number (Emailed to your at the beginning of your tenancy)

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