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Quarterly Inspections

The purpose of a Quarterly Inspection is to ensure that the property is well maintained. It is our obligation to report to the owner after each inspection informing them of the condition of the property.

We have keys to all properties so we don’t require you to be home at the time of this inspection, those it is best if you are able to make yourself available.

At the time of your inspection, please ensure that:

  • The property is kept neat, tidy and clean
  • The toilet, bath and shower are clean, paying attention to tiles & glass doors also the floor
  • The carpet is not marked
  • Tiled & vinyl floors are washed
  • The windows are cleaned
  • The walls are spot cleaned
  • There is no oil in the driveway
  • There is no rubbish accumulating
  • The lawns and gardens are neat and maintained
  • The oven and griller are clean

If You Have an Approved Pet

  • Any droppings are picked up and removed
  • Any pet damage or rubbish scattered is repaired and cleaned up
  • Ensure all/any dogs are properly restrained for the inspection

During our inspections our team takes photos of the general condition of the property, along with any maintenance issues sighted to forward to the Landlord. So should your property not be satisfactory they will be aware due to our full transparency policy. If you have any concerns with photos being taken please speak with your property manager to find a suitable alternative.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation with this matter

Can a tenant refuse entry?

Provided the correct notice for entry has been given by the landlord, a failure by a tenant to allow the landlord/agent entry may be a breach of your tenancy agreement. A verbal refusal from a tenant is not necessarily a breach of the agreement. For a tenant to be in breach, they would need to refuse entry to the landlord/agent when they come to the property. If a tenant physically bars entry then then our policy is to leave immediately. Under the landlords instruction as the acting agent we would then have the right to apply to the South Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT) seeking an order.

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